Smith-Tactics is proud to introduce the SIGHT-LIGHT!

Product Features:

  • QUICK TARGET ACQUISITION: AR Platform illuminated front flip-up sight, provides immediate target-sight recognition
  • SINGLE 70HR COIN BATTERY: Uses a single common coin battery, providing 70 hours of light at full power
  • ADJUSTABLE “BEAD” BRIGHTNESS: User adjustable brightness, using an environmentally sealed adjustable resistor
  • CUSTOM LARGER TARGET AREA: Semi-circle post guards allow for larger target area view
  • EASY ADJUSTABLE SIGHT POST: Stainless steel post, adjustable elevation, position-set detent, no
    special tools required
  • MANUAL & AUTO “ON-OFF” MODES: Mode selectable pushbutton on-off, or select auto-off when down
  • RECOIL RESISTANT: Inertia & shock-resistant electrical parts embedding, no loose wires
  • SHOOTER ONLY OPTIC: Operator view only sight-light, cannot be seen by opponent from front, side,
    bottom or top views… Check the pictures! 
  • TOUGH FINISH: Hard-coat anodized, just like the rest of the Smith-Tactics lineup! 


*Limited quantity available.



SKU: sl01


The ultimate option for immediate target acquisition!


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