The brainchild of a lifelong fabricator, Smith Tactics is a breath of fresh air into an otherwise suffocating AR-15 market. Our main focus is the USGI/Mil-Spec AR platform. While many will argue that the AR-15 is the “end-all-be-all” of modern firearms and requires no further improvement…

We’re here to tell you that the AR can become even more user friendly and more effective from the bench-rest to special operations units.

Our process starts at the Sunday dinner table, moves to our CAD program, then to the machine shop, and finally to our private shooting range for testing.

Our products are designed with an immensely wide variety of people in mind, sold at a reasonable price, backed by our guarantee of customer satisfaction, and delivered to you from the source right here in Ozark, MO.

Yes, we’re a small start up company. However, our roots come from over forty years of machining experience and an inability to accept anything but the highest quality.